Herramientas de Galicia was founded by Mr. Raúl Fernández Lorenzo in 1982 in the village of Gandario (A Coruña)

The company originally was involved in the manufacture of cutting tools for woodworking. The first product in production was carbide saw blades, special cutters and knives. Besides new products also was offered grinding and repairing services.

In 1992 started the production of cutting tools and welding blocks for PVC and aluminum sectors.

In 1995 the company moves to a new Factory in the industrial zone of Bergondo.

Short time later, in 1997, started the activities in research and innovation for development of EDM machinery (electro discharge machine) for  PCD machinig.  Nowadays we continue with this activity in the areas of cutting tools, new materials and manufacturing processes.

In order to improve our products and to increase customer satisfation in 1999 Hegasa obtains Quality certification ISO 9001.

Hegasa began the manufacture of tools with exchangeable cutting edges in the year 2000.

Year 2003 was a turning point in the technological evolution of this company.  Hegasa performed a profound transformation in the manufacturing processes.

  • Implementation of robotic lines for sawblade grinding.

  • Integration of design and simulation with CAD-CAM systems and CNC 5 axis machinery.

  • Implementation of most advanced EDM grinding equiment with simulation software and checking controls.

In 2005 started the manufacture of special PCD cutting tools for metalworking.

Due to increase of demand of cutting tools and welding blocks for  PVC Windows  sector, in 2009 Hegasa began to export their products to other markets outside Spain.

In 2013 opened the first subsidiary  abroad with the opening of Hegasa Polska in the town of Belchow (Poland). This new company is a partnership of two Spanish companies with a Polish partner.

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